Department of Radiology

Department of Radiology

Department of Radio Diagnosis in important role to play in the patient care. It helping clinical clenching the diagnosis in shortest time. The department is well equipped with latest equipment & managed by learned and experienced faculty. Since inception, the department is well progressing to meet the standard in the field of Radio Diagnosis & Imaging.

X-ray Facilities:

The department has following ultra modern equipments for most efficient patient care.

  • Six fixed units of X-ray ranging from 300 mA to 800 mA with fluoroscopy and Imaging intensifier facilities. Six mobile units of 100 mA to provide facilities of X-ray bedside in emergency and various wards for sick patients.
  • Two CR systems to meet the patients load and to provide quality x-rays. The department is also providing facilities of old types of routine x-rays and special investigations like barium studies IVP, HSG, MCU, RGU, etc.     
  • One Mammogram unit for providing the facilities of x-ray of breast.
  • 10 ultra sonography machines for all types sonographic studies, has four Colour Doppler Units with 3D/4D facilities. All units have different frequency probes ranging from 3.5 mhz to 12 mhz to provide sonography of superficial structure. Various types of drainage procedures and aspiration are also done in the department under ultra-sound guidance.
CT Scan:
  • The department has state of art 128 multislice CT scan first in the state. MRI  
  • The department has 1.5 Tesla MRI system to conduct of MR different body parts including angiograms and MRS.