Department of General Surgery

Department of General Surgery

Surgery Department at TRRIMS is one of its largest department of this institution. Since the beginning the department has evolved many folds in every sphere and has attained the present status these changes includes vast technological advances to match the modern surgical techniques which are at-par with any other institute.

Department is capable of treating large no. of patients in OPD, OT and wards and emergency every year. The aim of our dept. is to provide comprehensive surgical care with minimum of expenditure which is in the interest of the patient.

For the correct diagnosis and the treatment of the various diseases dept. supported by other departments like Radio-Diagnosis where the modern investigations like USG, CT Scan, MRI, Doppler studies, beside the regular X-rays, Barium Meal and IVP all these investigation are available 24×7 through the year.

Department of Pathology and Microbiology various Biopsy’s and FNAC’s and Histopathological examinations are done which is the must for further treatment after surgery.

Biochemistry Department: – Biochemical analysis blood, Urine and Stool are available round the clock. The other departments which work hand in hand with the surgery department is department of anesthesia without whose support surgery is impossible. At our center we have modular OT’s with best qualified anesthetics whose services are available 24 hrs all 365 days.


  • Out patient facilities all 7 days with 24 hrs. emergency services.
  • In-patients wards which are well taken care by trained staff.
  • Proper investigations with specialized modalities.
  • Latest surgeries in modular OT’s.
  • Physiotherapy of all patient’s for proper rehabilitation.
  • Proper diet as guided by dietitian.
  • Surgical ICU for critical ill patient pre and post operative.
  • Burn Unit for the burn patient’s.

Special features

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a regular feature in our department, following surgeries are performed regularly:

1.    Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

2.    Laparoscopic Appendectomy

3.    Laparoscopic assisted vaginal Histrectomy

4.    TLH

5.    Laparoscopic ventral Hernia repair

6.    Diagnostic Laparoscopic.

Bariatric Surgery

This is the newer upcoming surgery which is being regularly performed by the qualified competent team of Doctor’s. for the last two years.

General surgery dept. is also strengthened by the specialized surgical depts. like :

1.    Urology

2.    Neurosurgery

3.    Cardiac Surgery

4.    Paediatric Surgery

5.    Plastic Surgery

Training and teaching programme: Besides treating the patient our dept. is involved in constant teaching and training of – 

1.    Undergraduate students

2.    Interns

3.    Postgraduate’s students.

For which our department is equipped with seminar room, library of the dept. with latest teaching material and modern audio-visual aids.

We all tried to trained and teach our students to produce good quality medical graduates and postgraduates.