Department of Anaesthesia

Department of Anaesthesia

TRRIMS Technology’s department of Anaesthesiology, Critical Care & Pain Management is comprised of several board-certified anaesthesiologists. We are all committed to providing superior patient care with sub-specialities in areas of anaesthesiology including cardiac, neurological, general surgery, plastic surgery, dental surgery, obstetrics and gynaecological, ENT, orthopaedic, ophthalmology and intensive care. Our department provides services like critical care, pain clinic, painless labour, emergency and trauma care, monitored anaesthesia care and anaesthesia at remote locations such as CT, MRI, Endoscopy etc.

SERVICES Provided by the Department:

1. Pre-Anaesthesia for all surgical cases.
2. Anaesthesia Services (Perioperative management) for surgical and allied specialties, Superspeciality like Neurosurgery, Pediatric surgery, Plastic surgery and Urology.
3. Emergency Resuscitation services to Patients in Emergency department including trauma and wards.
4. Intensive care Unit services In RICU for Patients on Ventilator support.
5. Anaesthesia for diagnostic s procedures like CT scan, MRI and cathlab procedures. Monitored Anaesthesia care.
6. Training of Interns and Postgraduate students. Teaching Undergraduates and Postgraduates.
7. Anaesthesia Technician training and Basic life support training for Interns and Paramedics.
8. Round the clock emergency Anaesthesia services for Obstetric and Non Obstetric surgical cases.