Mr. T. Ram Mohan Reddy
Ex-MLA (Parigi-TS)

Mr. T. Ram Mohan Reddy is an eminent educationist who is the visionary behind the success and growth of the TRR Institutions. An array of educational Institutions are testimony to his inspiring leadership and guidance. A tireless and highly successful industrialist and entrepreneur, he works with the mission that encompasses excellence as his goals. Dr. Ram Mohan Reddy has demonstrated that it takes more than a vision to achieve success, it takes hard work, unwavering commitment to the ideals ad determination. The outstanding performance of the TRR Institutions is a tribute to his dynamic leadership and mentoring of a group of highly experienced and talented faculty. He has the knack of attracting the finest talent to work for achieving the goals of academic excellence and to spare no effort or resources to establish an institution of excellence.

The TRR Institutions, established by him, are his gift to the generations of ambitious students who desire to be successful in their future careers. In a a short span, the TRR Institutions has produced thousands of graduates in various disciplines, who have become successful in their chosen careers.Under his inspiration and guidance, the TRR Institutions is diversifying into new areas to provide the brightest students more opportunities to excel in their chosen disciplines. The true test of any leader is the way he meets challenges and overcomes difficulties. TRR Institutions is poised to post more successes in the future.


TRRIMS is the result of a long cherished dream of me/us to people of Telangana to establish service oriented medical institution to serve the poor and needy people of surrounding areas and to create an environment of responsible medical education and advanced healthcare. I/We aspire to create a new generation of doctors who will face mankind’s challenges in their fight against the diseases.

I/We endeavor to provide quality healthcare with state of the art facilities, equipment, highly qualified doctors and supporting staff. With encouragement from health authorities, we are constantly looking for opportunities to engage with the local community through regular medical camps and awareness initiatives. I welcome the medical fraternity associated with the institution to live upto the expectations of people and society. Let us all serve humanity with responsibility thus taking the institution to higher levels.

With extensive standard facilities, highly experienced medical teachers at TRRIMS is committed to help you to develop the entrepreneurial skills, you need for the world of work in India and worldwide. Hence you should focus on an Institution which will elevate you to global heights. It is time to veil and think of International status for you. I heartily welcome you to the world of success and achievement. Join our institution with a commitment to excel and experience growth and progress in all walks of your life. Hope to welcome you into our prestigious institution and community soon.

With Best Wishes and Regards

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to our prestigious institution.

TRRIMS is an excellent medical educational institution, recognised for our focus on providing an excellent student experience which is gearing towards enhancing medical skills, knowledge and humanity. We offer outstanding opportunities to take part in work placements and volunteering opportunities that develop creative thinking, while working towards solutions for social problems.

Our distinctive mission combining an excellent student experience, employability and collective impact makes TRRIMS a unique institution. Our vision is to offer an outstanding medical education. The support we offer our students reflects our commitment. We welcome you to come and venture out the world of success.

With Warm Regards.

We, at TRRIMS aim to provide excellence in healthcare to all patients in the hospital through our efficient doctors, paramedical staff and well equipped lab facilities. We hope to create one of the best multispecialty teaching hospitals in India. We are committed to provide top class medical education with the help of eminent and experienced teachers. Hostels with all the facilities for food, accommodation and recreation are available for the students within the campus. We are keen on maintaining students’ discipline and dedication in studies, moral and ethical values in medical services. All academic programs will be regularly conducted. Sports and extracurricular activities will be encouraged.

With Warm Regards,