Department of Community Medicine

Community Medicine is a new branch of medicine. It is often considered synonymous with Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM) , Public Health, and Community Health. All these share common ground, i.e., prevention of disease and promotion of health. In short, Community Medicine provides comprehensive health services ranging from preventive, promotive, curative to rehabilitative services. The importance of the speciality of […]

Department of Forensic Medicine

The Forensic Medicine department was imitated to improve  the quality of medico legal work. Services Provided by the Department:- Department  conducts various medico legal works in the  form of post mortem examinations, Exhumations, Age Estimations, Sexual Offence Certificates, Expert opinions, U.G.-MBBS, Students  training.

Department of Micro Biology

Services provided by the Department 1.   Culture and sensitivity testing. 2.   All serological tests (like WIDAL, VDRL, ASO, HbS Ag,HIV-ELISA,CD4 etc..) 3.   Special units for Dengue & chikungunya 4.   Anaerobic culture tests 5.   T.B staining section(AFB) 6.   Parasitology 7.   There are other sections started in this department like VCTC,SRL and CD4 testing.

Department of Pathology

The Department of Pathology has always been in the forefront of developmental activities of this Medical College. It is quite remarkable that the Professors of Pathology were at the helm of affairs of the institution at many crucial junctures in its long history. Hence it is no surprise that the growth of the development almost paralleled that of the college. […]

Department of Pharmacology

History of department of Pharmacology: The pharmacology department was started in the year 2014 in the ground floor of TRRIMS- B -Block building. The seat is recognized under the able guidance of the successive professors in the department. A central animal house was started in the year 2014 with guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and mice A new building for animal […]

Department of Physiology

There is ample clinical material of varied nature and good opportunities for research at all levels i.e. UGs and staff. Many of the professors have published papers in National and International journals. Services provided by the department Undergraduate teaching for 1st MBBS students

Department of Anatomy

SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE DEPARTMENT: Provision of body donation forms to those who are willing to donate their bodies. Acceptance of donated dead bodies of non MLC cases with consent of relatives (according to hierarchy). Teaching Under Graduate Medical Students, B.Sc. (M.L.T), D.M.L.T