The TRRIMS is the hub of academic activities. It houses all preclinical and Para-clinical departments, library, lecture halls and examination hall. Separate Recreation Rooms are available for boys & girls in the Academic Block of the college.

Each department has well equipped Research Laboratory, Students Laboratory, Demonstration Halls with audio visual aids (LCD Projectors, Over Head Projectors and slide Projectors apart from the traditional black board and chalk), Library cum Seminar Room, Faculty/staff rooms, Store, Department office with facilities of computer with printer and Internet facility etc.

All the Pre and Para clinical departments have state of the art museum with collections of gross specimens, models, charts, photographs, transparency slides and other exhibits.

A Medical Illustration & Photography unit in the college is assisting the departments to develop exhibits, charts, models etc used as aids in the teaching of UG students and others.

Lecture Halls:

 The Academic Block houses 04 fully air-conditioned lecture halls provided with excellent seating arrangements and latest audio visual equipments. Audio visual aids provided in the lecture halls include sound amplifier system, overhead projection, 35 mm slide projection and LCD projections apart from the traditional black board and chalk. The lecture halls have also been equipped with facilities for E-learning.

Examination Halls :

Two Examination Halls with adequate seating capacity and designed in such a way that all students are in clear view of the supervisor. The halls are under CCTV surveillance.

The college has a full time Campus Officer and student counselor. Under teacher mentor scheme a faculty member is assigned for 12-15 students to take care of their academic needs and individual difficulties. Parent Teacher & Student Meetings are held at-least twice a year to discuss the progress of the students. 

The data in respect to attendance, scholastic performance & overall progress of the students is recorded and stored in a retrievable form using a software program called Students Information System (SIS). Parents are updated regarding the progress of their wards every month by email and postal communication.

Central Library:

A state of art Library cum Digital Information Centre spread over 20 thousand Square meters is located in the Academic Block. The library has ergonomically designed seating and lightings to provide comfort and privacy to the users. The library is stocked with 4000 Medical books, 40 journals and 2000 CDROM. The collection is being continuously updated with new editions of Books, Journals and periodicals.  Teachers and students are encouraged to actively participate in the seminars, journal clubs and E-learning processes. Photocopying, printing and scanning services are available to the students in the library at minimal cost.